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Amy Lee


True To Color/ Modern Wedding Photography 


I’m Amy Lee, a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Oahu with a focus on modern wedding photography in Hawaii (and beyond).

They say that language is the lens through which you view the world. I was born and raised in Taiwan, spent four years living in Japan, and I’m now extremely lucky to call Hawaii my home. It’s been such a blessing to be exposed to so many cultures and lifestyles, and has instilled in me a passion for traveling. 

My travels have allowed me to learn four languages — English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Taiwanese. So if you’re planning to have your photos taken in countries where these languages are spoken, I’d love to be involved! If you have family and friends coming to Hawaii who speak these languages, I can help to make them feel welcomed and at home while capturing the images. 

Hawaii Wedding Photos That Transport You

My approach is to work collaboratively with you to ensure you feel at ease, and we come away with modern and elegant photos that capture you best.

As a dedicated professional who goes the extra mile to be thoroughly prepared, I will ensure that you feel as relaxed and confident as you could possibly dream of. It’s that committed approach to my work, combined with a creative flair, that has allowed me to work with amazing clients from around the world, which is one of the great joys of what I do

I believe my style of timeless wedding photos will stand the test of time. When you look back at your photos 5, 10, or even 20 years from now, you’ll be transported back to that moment as if it was just yesterday. 

When I'm not behind the camera or my laptop, you can usually find me indulging in one of my many hobbies, like being a coffee addict, snowboarding, playing with my dogs, and traveling.

Do I look like someone you would like to work with?